Autism Acceptance Month Bundle

Take our two autism-focused courses for a discounted rate in honor of Autism Acceptance Month this April. Through these two courses, you will gain clinical knowledge about autism, explained in a way that's useful for early childhood professionals. Courses include real-world classroom examples and actionable strategies. You’ll leave feeling more prepared to partner with families– whether you have developmental concerns about a child, or their child already has a diagnosis. Finally, you’ll learn tons of strategies to support language development and how they apply to the unique way children with autism process language.

Included Courses

*Please Note: Because these courses build upon one another, it is highly recommended that learners complete them in the following order: 
1) Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder
2) Autism Spectrum Disorder: Language and Communication Strategies

When you complete the courses in this bundle, you
will learn:

  • What autism is and how to recognize signs and characteristics of autism in young children
  • How neurodiversity can be celebrated by identifying the unique strengths of each child
  • How gestalt language learners learn
  • Why some children with autism use echolalia to communicate
  • How do decide what words to teach first to increase a child’s vocabulary
  • How to use songs as a tool for language learning
  • How to use visual strategies like sign language, visual schedules, and First/Then schedules
Don’t miss this limited time opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills!

Celebrate Differences

Check out our resources linked below to join IMPACT as we promote autism acceptance, celebrate each individual’s unique differences, and foster inclusivity this month.  

What do you know about Autism?

Check out these autism statistics 

1 in 36 children in the US have autism

Centers for Disease Control

Boys are diagnosed about 4x more than girls

American Psychiatric Association

Vaccines DO NOT cause autism

Centers for Disease Control

Autism has a strong genetic basis

American Psychiatric Association

Autism is a spectrum disorder which means it affects each person differently

American Psychiatric Association

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