Sensory Strategies Bundle

The Sensory Strategies Bundle is designed for early childhood educators to dive into the fundamentals of sensory development, sensory play, and how to use sensory strategies to support self-regulation. This comprehensive bundle will transform your understanding of the word "sensory" and empower you with innovative approaches that enrich the sensory experiences in your early learning classroom. This bundle will prepare you to unleash the power of sensory exploration in your classroom throughout the day, turning group mealtimes into opportunities for growth and exploration, and unlocking the secrets of brain-sensory connections.
 3 Courses
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Key Features of the Sensory Strategies Bundle:

  • Flexible Learning: Access to courses at your own pace and convenience.
  • Expert Instruction: Learn from experienced educators and specialists in the field.
  • Practical Strategies: Gain essential knowledge and strategies that you can implement immediately in your classroom. 
  • Community Support: Engage with a community of fellow educators for collaboration and shared insights.
  • Learning Quizzes and Certification: Reinforce your learning with quizzes as you go, and earn certifications upon completion of each included course.

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Increase Your Inclusive Sensory Knowledge

Work through 3 courses at your own pace and earn continuing education hours.

User Reviews

"I especially like the information about the three hidden senses and strategies for incorporating those into my toddler classroom. I will also give some more thought to whether there is sometimes too much auditory stimulation."
Beyond the Sensory Table: Classroom Strategies for Sensory Play
"I enjoyed the sensory input activity and seeing what my input/avoidance preference may be. The ideas shared on what to incorporate into the classroom and/or curriculum to meet a child's sensory need were very helpful."
Sensory Strategies and the Brain: Promoting Self-Regulation and Learning

Bundle Includes 7 Pintable Handouts

  • Sensory Bottle Guide
  • Sensory Table Handout
  • Sensory Matrix Handout
  • Heavy Work Handout
  • Using Sensory Experiences to Promote Food Exploration
  • Conversation Prompt Visual
  • Common ASL Signs Printable Cards 

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