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Professional Development Courses and Consultation 

for Early Childhood Professionals
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Northwest Center Kids IMPACT provides inclusive early learning training, consultation, and online courses for early learning and childcare teachers, administrators, school districts, private education programs, after-school programs, coaches, home visitors, parents, and families.

Our online childcare courses, live training, virtual consultation, and professional development training cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Understanding disabilities and challenging behaviors
  • Creating inclusive environments
  • Developing positive relationships with children
  • Using evidence-based practices
  • Supporting families

Professional Development Courses

Offering a variety of self-guided and live courses. Our engaging activities and videos support all learning styles.

Consultation Services

Virtual consultation services can enhance professional development courses by offering customized strategies to meet your unique program or classroom needs 
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Live Summer Training Series!

July 23, 3-5:30pm PDT &
August 22, 2-3pm PDT

Join us to learn more about strategies for managing challenging behaviors and power struggles in the classroom!

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Why is inclusive education important?

Inclusive early learning is crucial for allowing all children, especially kids with disabilities, to succeed in school and beyond. Not only do inclusive classrooms promote a positive social and emotional environment, but it also supports all children to learn in a way that suits them best.

This approach to teaching recognizes and values the diverse experiences and backgrounds that each child brings to the classroom. By focusing on the individual strengths and needs of each child, inclusive early learning sets the foundation for a lifetime of success and acceptance.
Sign up for a course today and take the first step toward creating an inclusive early learning environment.

Is IMPACT Right For You?

Are you seeing more challenging behaviors in your class and don’t know how to address them?

If you are looking for ways to manage challenging behaviors in your classroom or childcare, you are not alone! 98% of teachers who have received IMPACT consultations have struggled with challenging behaviors and found ways to not only support kids in the classroom, but also feel less stressed and more confident in their ability to implement strategies and create a positive classroom environment. With IMPACT, you too can learn strategies to understand why problem behaviors occur, how to respond when they do happen, and how to prevent them from happening in the future. 

Directors, are you struggling with teacher turnover?

With IMPACT’s on-demand courses and available consultation to help transfer knowledge into action, we customize supports to meet the needs of each teacher. When childcare and early learning teachers have the knowledge and skills they need, and are encouraged to reflect on their practice, we see a reduction in teacher stress and less teacher turnover. 

Is it hard to find high-quality professional development trainings? 

IMPACT fills the gap in high-quality, on-demand professional development courses for childcare providers, that allow teachers and administrators to choose courses based on what they want to learn. New teachers can receive foundational trainings, while more experienced teachers can finally find the advanced content they’ve been craving. With IMPACT, program directors can use continuing education dollars more strategically and teachers get the content they need to better serve the children in their care. 

Do you have developmental concerns about children in your care, but are not sure what services are available, or where to turn for help? 

IMPACT will help you identify what services are offered, how children in your care may benefit, and how to support families in connecting with services. We can explain and identify resources in your area for services like early intervention, early childhood mental health, special education, referral information for families etc. 

Does it feel daunting to understand the services in an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), Individualized Education Program (IEP), or other health plan? 

The goal of an inclusive classrooms is to support the individual needs of each child. When a child has an individual care plan, we have a roadmap to understand the areas where the child excels and where they need support. It allows the teacher to be an active member of the child's team, and can inform lesson planning and classroom modifications. You don't have to be a special educator to play a vital role in helping every child succeed in the classroom. Our team takes the clinical knowledge and breaks it down to help you see how you are supporting the child’s progress in the classroom and to identify new strategies to continue helping them reach their goals. 

Directors, do you struggle with coaching and mentoring your teachers?

We understand that demands are high, and time is limited throughout the day. We will help you find small snippets of the day to use proven strategies to observe, coach and build positive relationships with your teaching staff. We use a strengths-based and reflective coaching model, to help you empower your teachers to become more self-sufficient by reflecting on their teaching practices, better understanding challenging behaviors, and building a toolbox of strategies to pull from when they need it most.  

7,700 people trained and counting...

“This is an amazingly designed program that we childcare providers have been hoping for for years. Our training was the best class our experienced staff EVER took. They are still talking about what they learned."
"IMPACT is able to break down the big ideas into easy-to-learn skills and knowledge for general ed teachers to use in their classrooms.”  


All of our courses are Merit STARS approved in Washington State and Virginia approved with additional state endorsements coming soon.


Each course has been created by a team of experts including early learning educators, administrators, and clinicians.


Courses come with a variety of resources and handouts to help you implement what you learn.


Are you part of a larger early learning program and want access to courses for your whole team? We offer special group rates and discounts. 
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