Understanding Challenging Behavior Through Data Collection

Are there challenging behaviors in your classroom that make you scratch your head and wonder “what’s going on?” Have you tried a bunch of strategies and the behaviors keep happening? Even the most experienced teachers sometimes struggle with challenging behaviors even though they know that all behavior is communication and it’s our job to understand the messages that children are giving us. Kids with challenging behavior are good kids who just need our support to learn and thrive. 
1 Hour
Intended for educators working with 
3rd grade
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You’ll leave this online course with everything you need to:

  • Understand what behaviors are communicating and why they keep happening
  • Identify antecedents and consequences for behavior 
  • Collect data using ABC charts and scatterplots
  • Analyze behavior data to uncover patterns
Once you understand the function of behavior you can identify effective strategies that meet the needs of the children in your classroom and set them up to be successful. 
This course is a mix of:
 On-demand lessons with visuals including text, images, and videos 
Recorded audio narration with optional closed captioning
Engaging activities that support learning

Course Details
Understanding Challenging Behavior
Through Data Collection

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Certificate for 1 continuing education hour awarded upon completion of course and quiz
  • 2 Lessons

    • Functions of Behavior
    • ABC's and Scatterplots

Bonus Materials

  • Functions of Behavior Handout
  • ABC Chart
  • Scatterplot


  • Intended for: Educators working with Toddler - 3rd grade

User Reviews

Understanding Challenging Behavior Through Data Collection

"The ABC chart is a useful tool for organizing my notes. The Scatterplot data sheet is also useful in helping with my organization of data. It will provide significant information to help determine triggers and support behavior."
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